and kids dont stick your dick in a hornets nest it is a really bad idea trust me i know

im annoyed by a lotta things

the thing about offensive blogging that annoys the shit outta me is their whole attitude of being “”“”offensive”“”“”“”“” its like “i can make fun of others and things a lot of people get affected by and its allllll right with me and my followers so its all good with the world!!! and no one can touch me for it!!!!” and the moment they get abuse from people they start flippin out and crying for help sayin “omg it was just a joke chill”

naw nigga if u put your dick in a hornets nest you best expect to get your dick stung

some people take the internet way too seriously and it is acceptable in a way cause some people have literally been allowed to change themselves as human beings. they are able to represent themselves the exact way they want and so when people make fun of them on the internet they take it to heart and what not. so i dont think you can just tell someone “its the internet get over it” cause for some people the internet is a part of them and some times its more than that it is literally their lives.

not me tho im icy as shit

tim y u on that blog?

cause this has almost become my semi personal

im not deep enough to have a legit personal

oh this person has AADDD, PPTE, PET, DODS, ETCS…//…


realtalk whatever happened to straight up crazy people?

why am i just listening to asap rocky

damn im havin fun